For ages, in most under developed and developing countries, in rural areas the first choice for most health related issues has been the traditional healers. The traditional medicine practitioners /vaids are the one immediately available and through their unconventional methods have been the back bone of health service provider. Also, there are many even in urban India who are not satisfied with Allopathic or other systems of medicine and want to be treated by traditional healers. The cost factor of, say, medicine systems like Allopathic plays its role as many can’t afford it, especially in rural areas. Other factor could be dissatisfaction with modern day system of treatment.

Swasthya Swara is non-profit mobile based platform which aims at using a voice portal to link these healers located in inaccessible areas to the urban masses. As its name reflects at Swasthya Swara we are willing to provide peoples an option of traditional healing under the sole direction of Traditional Healers mainly for those patients who are keenly interested in alternative medicines. Apart from this Swasthya Swara wants to document these traditional healing practices for the future.

For this we have a telephone number. On this anyone can make missed call & our IVR will call you back soon & will record your query or message. Swasthya Swara through its moderators team would also bridge the language barrier — since most of these tribal healers are not knowledgeable about the mainstream languages. Same way by making a call to Swasthya Swara you can also hear the health knowledge shared by others. It is in the initial stage & our technical team is still working on it to making this calling procedure user friendly.

Swasthya Swara is voice portal that enables the indigenous traditional healers, as defined by various laws in India, to share their indigenous knowledge to the larger public It aims to address the rural community health issues and at the same time help in protection and distribution of ancient knowledge the Vaids and other traditional practitioners possess and are given the relevant sanctions as per the relevant laws in India which enables the keepers of this traditional knowledge to bring forth their content for discussion and sharing with the larger public.

Swasthya Swara the network that is engaged in archival and discussion on the knowledge of the indigenous traditional healers. All content on Swasthya Swara is open for inspection, verification proof and genuine by anyone. Swasthya holds no rights over the content of the material or one the software technology that goes in making such a facility.

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